La Rutina

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Today we have to speak in Spanish for 6 minutes about anything. I was tempted to list the names of Spanish cities and food with rehearsed pauses to last the full airtime. more la trampa! My conscience tells me.

One of the popular conversation topics in class is on our daily routine or rutina. It introduces commonly used words like – eat, wash, cook, walk, work, drive, sleep, etc. A pretty effective way to introduce verbs and tenses.

For my speaking homework, I think I’ll talk about mi rutina. As a preparation, first in English and then translate to Spanish. Here goes –

I have two routines – one on weekdays and another on weekends.

Weekday routine usually starts with checking the time and weather. It’s awfully cold, dark and quiet here, unlike Singapore where it is easy to tell the time by the noise and light from the window. It takes a lot of motivation to leave the warmth and comfort of sleep.

Once up, TV comes on flooding the apartment with Spanish news and views, SpongeBob and Simpsons all speaking Spanish. Next, something to eat. Out with the books, the homework, online translator, online courses, online chatting…till it’s time for school.

Then, classes from the entire sleepy afternoon hours to 8pm. Adios! Hasta Mañana! and out in the cold street.


Zigzagged through Madrid’s labyrinths back to my apartment, 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on whether I take a wrong turn or overshoot my street. Happens often in the night when places look different and there are so many distractions – shops, people, activities.

Dinner, wash up, ready for bed.

On weekends, I put aside my school books and check tourist guides for interesting places to go.


Travel within the city by the Madrid Metro is easy and economical – flat fee Euros 1.50 for single trip or Euros 12.20 for 10 trips. Most stops are near tourist attractions and shopping areas.

Lots of eating places from a simple beer and tapas at below Euros 5 or a more elaborate meal with wine from Euros 50 in a swanky restaurant. The spread is for your picking.

My apartment has a small kitchen so I don’t eat out much. I’ll buy groceries from the supermarket in the next street and there are plenty of Chinese-run convenience stores that open early and close late.

So that’s my rutina. Now in Spanish.

Ir a la escuela de Lunes a Viernes. Los fines de semana voy la visita turistica.

 El estudiante


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