Night in the Theatre


My new classmate, Mathilde and I decided to brave the theatre Saturday night to sit through the play – El Diario de Adan y Eva at the Teatro Bellas Artes.

Synopsis: Ana Milan and Fernando Guillén Cuervo is placed on the skin of a couple of successful radio hosts late 50s who, leaving behind their golden years, they meet again remembering the last story from his nightly broadcast dial: The Diary of Adam Eva and Mark Twain. Based on the comic tale of the famous writer, the version of Blanca Oteyza, Miguel Angel Sola and Manuel González presents a staging where the bound comic melancholy prevails.

The play is entirely dialogue, in Spanish no doubt and so must be the audience except for the two of us from France and Singapore, the odd couple.

Nevertheless it was an interesting experience. After a few minutes trying to pick up comprehensible words, I turned to focussing on the expressions, gestures and tones of the two exceptionally talented pair on stage.

Words didn’t matter anymore. It’s the power of acting, the giving-it-all to the audience, the love of the theatre that the performers did so well.

That’s what life is, isn’t it? And judge not by the words but by the acts. It’s what we do that counts.

Joan Yap


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