Lee Kuan Yew’s parting gift to Singapore

Lee Kuan Yew

Honestly what more is there to be said at this time? The feelings one has for Mr. Lee Kuan Yew are hard to express, impossible to say it all.

There are moments this past week when it feels like the rest of the world stopped existing and the only thing happening to Singapore is mourning the loss of our leader. Tribute after tribute fills the media. Posters line the streets. It kind of forces one to recollect and reflect on his work and legacy.

I still talk about Lee Kuan Yew in the present tense as if he’s still with us today. For someone larger than life, it’s hard to let go easily especially when he is with us for most of our lives, and for me even longer than my own parents.

Before my parents passed away, both my father and mother said the same thing – their work is done, they’ve raised us to be independent, the only thing they want us to do after they are gone is to be keep the family together. There will be differences, we will not have much time for each other, we may live far away from each other, and it will take a lot of effort but keep the closeness in our hearts and always stay in touch.

In the past few days, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew has united Singaporeans again as his body is laid in state. His parting gift to us. When his work is done and we’ve become a successful nation, I believe what he wants most for Singapore is a united people – despite our differences, despite the challenges.

Rest in peace, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. You will always be remembered for all that you’ve done for this country.

Joan Yap


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