Boomer’s New Look


Getting tired of my blog face
It’s looking dated and out of place

Time to change but don’t really know how
Tried too hard, just going round and round

Fell into a scam, a little too late
Gave the rogue my details and everything’s paid

Lesson learnt, these cheaters are getting smarter
But not to be beaten, I ploughed on further

To trusted sites signing up new accounts
Only to be asked by the computer now

To prove I’m a human, not a robot
That’s crazy. What a preposterous lot!

Wanted to pack and walk away
But we know there’s no other way today

All I want is to change my look
There must be something written in the books

Then I realised these things simply can’t be found
Got to get back online and play around

Nobody teaches anybody anything these days
Everything’s there, everyone says

You’re quite alone if you want something new
For what you want may only be known by a few

To spare you of my other frustrations
I eventually moved my blog to a different version

Here it is – a fresh visual take
Of the old boomer’s page

Still blogging, Joan Yap



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