Rave in the bull ring


Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of Beatles in Madrid, 2 July 1965 and the Madrileños relived the night at Las Ventas, the original venue of the concert.

Didn’t know about this until my Spanish friend, Miguel posted photos on Facebook today. Decided to check it out.

It was the biggest music event ever at that time, even though bull fighting was still being held and crowd control was a different thing altogether then. Watched some old b&w clips and honestly it could be anywhere – London, New York, Tokyo – the fans were just as wild and crazy.

Bull fighting is slowly losing its popularity and it’s nice to see these bull rings or Plaza de Toros being used for concerts by Diana Ross, Kylie Minogue, Coldplay and others.

The Plaza constructed in 1930s was designed nothing like a sports stadium but built rather as an ornate theatre with a Moorish influenced design to take in 25,000 spectators with unobstructed views from all seats. It must be grand inside and out.

Wonder why I’ve not been to Las Ventas during my trips to Madrid. Now this has to be another one on the list of places to go.

Joan Yap

ps..enjoy the clip on Beatles 1965 concert in Madrid.

Plaza de Toros Las Ventas Madrid
Plaza de Toros Las Ventas Madrid
Stage for Beatles comeback concert
Photo credit : Miguel Frais – Staging for Beatles comeback concert
Photo credit : Coldplaying.com

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