Camino ~ Leon to Mazarife


Day 1 … Sunday, 2nd August 2015

Started walking at 6.15am still dark and chilly 9℃. Lots of signs to guide pilgrims out of the city.

IMAG3329_1Sunrise about 7.30am. Removed my jacket but left hiking pole on the bench.

Realised after 10 minutes later and had to walk back hola-ing to all the other pilgrims.

Back on track, I hit a fork without any more signs. Decided to try one path and felt it was not right.

Solo pilgrim survival tip : If you’re unsure, wait for other pilgrims at the last visible sign. Someone will definitely come along and you’ll have company wondering which path to take. If still unsure, wait for more people to come along and have a consensus but expect everyone to be just as lost.


At this point, the group of us are split between the shorter highway or the longer farm route.

I chose the farm way together with a German couple who started from their home and walked towards Santiago every year for the past 6 years, each time covering 600km. This is their last leg.

Several other people caught up with me and weren’t very chatty except another German who also walked from his home using a ladder. What?

IMAG3339Alright no circus act. He converted an original step ladder into a cart which he pulls with him all the way.

About 5km from my destination, I decided to walk on my own again. The sun was coming on strong and I just want to hurry off.

Arrived at Villar de Mazarife, 22km from Leon at 11.30am. Could push for more but this being my first day, its better to let the body adjust to the walk.

Checked into Tio Pepe albergue at €9 per night bunk bed style.


Walked around the village, met nice American pilgrims and had lunch together. €8 for a large salad and 2 cokes.


Doing pretty well on dough and diet. Didn’t mention breakfast coz I didn’t have any, just a golden apple along the way.

Temperature is now 27℃ and glaring with high UV. Glad I’m indoors. Will just siesta till dinnertime.

Tomorrow is another day.

Joan Yap



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