Camino ~ Foncebadón to Ponferrada

Castillo de los Templarios

Day 4 … Wednesday, 5th August 2015

Can’t write much. Battery getting flat. Have to use WiFi in the bar across the albergue.

At Cruz de Ferro 1,505m

Was a long day. The climb to the highest point was rather pleasant but the descent was really tricky. I think we’re walking marble mountains. The ground is filled with broken slabs of smooth rock.

The views are fantastic, the air fresh and clean.

Just as I arrived at Molinaseca, a cyclist fell into the thorny slope. All bloody and whining, 5 pilgrims helped to heave him back up the track. But he kept slipping further into the bushes.

After several hopeless minutes, I passed him my hiking pole as a support while the others pulled him up. It worked! And a fallen cyclist is saved and we continued our way.

At Molinaseca, I was half-hearted about staying. Along came an adorable Irish lady (whose name I can’t figure out) who convinced me that if we walked together, the next 6km will not be so bad.

Glad I took her advice and came here. Ponderrada not only has Roman history but a Templar Castle, and a fascinating past.

Pablo, the retired chef at the bar gave an interesting local history over beer and his friend Manuel who was most hospitable invited me to the best pizza dinner with his family.

Muy bien!

Joan Yap


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