Camino ~ La Faba to Triacastela

Entering Galicia

Day 7 … Saturday, 8 August 2015

If the other day was like forever, today is forever.

A pilgrim's oasis
A pilgrim’s oasis

Walked a total 26.4km, not the longest, but having to climb 400m to O’Cebreiro, another 100m steep ascent to Alto do Poio, and finally a 5km steep descent to Triacastela, I was calling it a day more than once.


Luckily along came sweet Annalisa from Italy who, like me was kind of lost. We walked together following our shadows because that’s the only way to Santiago.

At Triacastela, all beds were taken up but we managed to find a room for five in a family home. So with Annalisa and her three friends, we’ll spend the night together.

Since yesterday, we’ve headed for the mountain range where the air is cool and walking 8/9 hours is not as strenuous as down on the plains. Either that or my body has adjusted to walking every day.

Distance, I reckon is not about how far it is from one place to another but how strong your mind is to get to your goal.

Like this morning I was panting and dragging my feet on the hill slope when I met the young German who sleeps on a hammock to save on accommodation. “Come along. Galicia is just round the corner.”

Well he was right but didn’t say it was after several corners. But he created the anticipation and my mind was so set to reach Galicia that I just kept going.

And I suppose it’s one goal to the next till we reach Santiago, or wherever we want to achieve in life.

Joan Yap


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