Camino ~ Palas de Rei to Ribadiso

Day 11 … Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Have you read a good book that you don’t want it to end?

It occurred to me this morning I’ll reach Santiago in 2 days’ time. How did time go by so quickly?

I walked slowly today, mindful of every step, remembering every scene – the colours of the sky at daybreak, the distant villages, the bridges, the pilgrims walking, running, cycling, the conversations …….


Dropped by a shady bar run by a fiesta lady. Zsolt and I started singing California Dreaming and she joined in.

Then I walked alone … stopped into a church I passed along the way, well I got down on my knees and I started to pray.


Crossed a stream in the woods and dipped my feet into the cold water. Just for a few prefect moments and went on my way again.

Arrived in Ribadiso and managed to get a farmhouse stay for don’t know how much. There’re no other choices.

But this is one of the most comfortable stays with the best home cooked dinner ever with desert made from the milk of their own cows and kiwi fruit from the garden.

It started to rain, the first this summer and a rainbow formed.

Joan Yap


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