Camino ~ Portomarin to Palas de Rei

Portomarin church square
Portomarin church square

Day 10 … Tuesday, 11 August 2015

After yesterday’s lag, I got up at 5.15 and started walking at 6 in the dark and cold. But others were ahead of me, some having breakfast.

Without a torchlight, I was hoping the moonlight would help but since I started the Camino, the moon has gone from bright gibbous to a saffron crescent.


Then came an “angel” of the morning. The Proteccion Civil on a motorcycle shining his light on the path for the pilgrims. He guided us till the first light of dawn and went off to patrol the rest of the Camino trail.

From 6 to noon, I walked non-stop except to stop at a church for credential stamps. Was easy to walk here because of the beautiful tree-lined paths and cool fresh air.



Stopped for lunch and met Zsolt who has been to Singapore. We ended up walking together for the rest of the day exchanging histories of my country and his, Hungary.

We arrived to Palas de Rei past 4 to full houses everywhere.

IMAG4238Zsolt suggested we walked through the town and try our luck. Thirty minutes later at boring highway bar & restaurant, we got the last two beds for the night. 

After yesterday, you would expect me to be more prudent. I should plan your route and book my accommodation in advance, especially when there are hundreds of ‘last 100km’ pilgrims sharing the same path.

But somehow being structured and systematic just feels out of place in the Camino.

Life is more interesting when you can be surprised and feel that every day is special.

This is one of the things I learn from the Camino – take your chances and make each day special.

Joan Yap


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