Camino ~ Ribadiso to O Pedrouzo (Arca)


Day 12 … Thursday, 13th September 2015

Wet, wet, wet.

It rained all night and the entire day. The saving grace is the beautiful paths with fresh geosmin and fragrance from eucalyptus trees.

Started late but it didn’t matter. The entire day was the same – cold, wet and dull.

Leaving the farmhouse back to the point where we left yesterday to restart the Camino.
Finally get to use my poncho after carrying it for days
After walking for hours in the rain, I realize the difference between a pair of proper waterproof shoes and water-resistant shoes. It isn’t nice at all to have cold wet feet and still many kilometres to go.
Pretty juicy crunchy sights along the way
Typical start of the day – Spanish breakfast set and John Brierley

Tomorrow I will end my “pilgrimage” in Santiago de Compostela. I used the word “pilgrimage” out of respect. It is after all an ancient route that is now open for anyone who wants to walk.

Tried to think of something meaningful to share but there’s nothing specific that comes to mind. Honestly – no profound statements, no nuggets of wisdom or moments of enlightenment. I’m still feeling very mortal and ordinary.

The guidebooks write about the physical, mental and spiritual personal journeys. Yes it’s all three and more. It’s a personal journey that is part of many personal journeys, where fellow pilgrims share and exchange their stories and experiences while we walk and eat together.

I started writing this post last night but didn’t publish it. Feeling really drowsy and lethagic, may have caught a cold but I think I’m missing the Camino already.

At this moment, really feel like staying on a little longer before my walk comes to an end tomorrow. Don’t really want to put a good book down – so I’m going to take it easy and enjoy being here – for just another day on the Camino.

Joan Yap


2 thoughts on “Camino ~ Ribadiso to O Pedrouzo (Arca)

  1. Can almost smell the fresh feel of those fallen leaves and the damp undergrowth. The canopy of trees, hopefully, would minimised any soaking you might have received, I imagine. Not so hot for walking, perhaps, but a little more slippery under foot.

  2. No chance to edit what I’d written earlier, which is irritating, as I’d written ‘minimised’ rather than ‘minimise’, or ‘have minimised’, and being a perfectionist, as well as a pedant, I’m helpless to make any correction! All a bit pedestrian, I know! haha Hope your next day was a good one, pilgrim!

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