Thoughts from the Camino


From a distance…

I read
about random acts that destroy lives
of millions lost overnight
and ocean floors blasted for more oil

I watch
politicians reading from papers, making offers
people seeking justice on the streets
families leaving homes crossing borders

I hear
the endless grumblings of those who prefer to blame
the moaning of those who think nothing is ever enough
who know of others with more and want the same

From that distance…

I realize
how little we really need to give and receive happiness
how simple things can mean so much
how love can blossom in the most unusual places

I learn
whatever road I travel, whatever possessions I bear
if I have not discovered the freedom to be myself
I have only moved but actually arrived nowhere

Joan Yap


5 thoughts on “Thoughts from the Camino

  1. Nice sentiments indeed. The simple things in life. They’re the best. What next for the foot-loose and fancy-free? Meaning you, of course!

  2. But I disagree Joan Yap.

    I will have you know
    from what you read, watch and hear
    that the burdens of the world
    are too big for your shoulder
    so best to reflect and perhaps shed a tear.

    I will have you know
    from what you realize and learn
    that you are a woman with esprit
    that you are indeed a spirit so free
    that you are precious wherever you may be.

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