The Spirit of Giving

Time of the year to remember the gift of love


My first childhood home was a one-bedroom public housing (HDB) flat. Most of the families were resettled from nearby villages and they continued to live like country folks in rapidly urbanized 60s Singapore.

Like country folks, we knew everyone in the estate – the Cantonese family at the end of the row with seven children, the Malay family with a mee rebus stall in the market, the Teochew family whose father worked in a sawmill, the Christain Eurasian family one floor below us and the rest in Block 13, Merpati Road many whom I can still remember today.

Around this time of the year, the families would be scrambling around to prepare for the new year. Getting next year’s books, uniforms and shoes for the children, spring cleaning, baking cookies, stocking up and getting new clothes for Chinese New Year.

As you can imagine, large families living in one-bedroom flats…

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2 thoughts on “The Spirit of Giving

  1. Nice piece. Well worth the wait!

    It does sum up the true spirit of Christmas, rather than the interpretation of that in the commercial world.


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