Hello again


It’s been a while. How are you?

No, I’ve not been kidnapped by aliens or holed up in a time warp, though sometimes it really doesn’t matter.

Spoke to an old friend who told me how he was stuck in meetings for a full week inside a hotel and wondered what happened to the world outside. Well, the sun still rises from the east and sets in the west I told him. And he felt sad because I sounded wiser than him. That’s how stressed he must be.

So I’m not the only one detached from society, at least the online world.

Facebook is passé, so the youngsters tell me and I’m never fond of food photos anyway so I moved away from social and went back to real work – unplugged and blogged out.

Real work is good at least once a month and the sanity of the rest of the month is driven by this single day to see your bank account replenished.

When enough is enough, I took a small break last week to rush with the Easter crowd, in the middle of Paris air traffic controller strike, cancelled flights, expensive fares, Brussels bombing, Piccadilly line closure, queues, jams and hot tempers.

I love you, Europe but I’m not going to do this again. Not after rushing from one airport to another with two bags barely making it to the check-in counter; and from plane to tube to train before the train pulled off. Several times, I thought my arms would break from my body stuck to the bags as I ran off armless to catch the plane and train.

Though I made it back in good time, the crazy travelling took a toll on me. Caught a horrific cough and lost my voice when I got home. Imagine how frustrating not being able to talk about my trip to anyone.

My brother Stanley reminded me I’m not a kid anymore and that’s one thing I can’t argue with him. But life is about experiences, good and bad.

In the midst of all the chaos, I had an amazingly wonderful time this early spring. You always enjoy the good times better when you come from a bad run, right?

Well I’m certainly looking forward to brighter warmer days and I wish you lovely days ahead.

Enjoy springtime!



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12 thoughts on “Hello again

  1. Welcome back Joan! The stresses you report on when engaging in madcap dashes around Europe’s travel hubs are in stark contrast to your rustic ramblings in the great outdoors! We all know which air is healthier, don’t we? Rather you than me, doing those transport manoeuvres. Hope you’re recovering well now from that cough. Listen to your body, they tell us older yet not always wiser, types. Keep working as long as you can, right behind you there. But taking time to smell the roses/coffee is important too. Keep up the good work – the chronicling of carefree capers, especially – and earn just enough to ward off the bailiffs! I’ll be back in Singapore myself in a couple of weeks’ time and contrary to popular perception among many locals I have no difficulty finding tranquility and repose in the island state. Without escaping to Ma Ritchie or Sungei Buloh, I mean. The arts district is such am oasis with the delightful Arts House (free films almost daily) the Substation and Singapore Art Museum etc. Can’t wait for the next Singapore Writers Festival after missing the last two. Including seeing and hearing Paul Theroux, that most inveterate of intrepid travellers. He got out of Africa last time in one piece and echoed your sentiments in acknowledging that he needed to accept that he wasn’t getting any younger! More blog and less slog! Paul G

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  2. What’s a trip without a few ‘war stories’ to tell? So pleased you had an amazing spring, Joan – you have been missed. Well, welcome back to the sweltering heat- and it isn’t even summer yet. When you’re ready for an iced cold drink, i’m so there! Get well soon and keep writing🍻

    1. So true. That gives me bragging rights too but at this age, I have to choose my battles or as it happened, I can’t even talk about it. Sure love to have an iced cold drink with you.

  3. Work, Rest, Play, Travel or just standing still …. it can be a magical mystery tour … keep posting …..

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