Friday Night

Friday Night
Absolutely Fabulous BBC TV sitcom

Another Friday night.

What did we used to do on Friday nights when we were young and single? Mostly bar hopping till the wee hours and ending in all-night eat shops tucked away in Singapore’s best kept secret haunts.

One Friday night, single again but no longer young, my namesake and I decided to relive our carefree days as much as we could remember.

Age has its advantage – in the form of a Jag convertible. Yes, I’m bragging because it’s not every day one gets picked up by a friend in an ultimate silver show-off. As mature ladies, our motto is “if we can’t look like the sweet young things, we can at least look very rich

So there we were, two of us in this fancy car driving about town looking for a place to go.

“Let’s go back to the bar when I first met your ex-“

“Oh! That place is already closed. I think it’s a family restaurant now. I’m not going there in this dress..”

“How about the nice basement pub? Remember we had that amazing party with the blokes from the press club?”

“Which one?”

“The one we beat the guys to pool”

“Can you remember the name? Where was it anyway?”

“Ehh….can’t remember anything. Why can’t I remember anything?”

And on and on the conversation went for about 60 minutes driving around, both of us trying to recall the nice places we went and finding to our despair that the city has changed so much.

As reality sank in, we admitted to much reluctance that we’re way out of the night scene and settled for the new row of restaurants and pubs by the river where we had lunch recently.

Oh dear! Where do we start? There are so many choices, so many people, so many young people. It’s scary!

Finally we ended up in a wine bar, ordered a bottle, sat against the wall watching people, unable to talk properly and complained about the loud unfamiliar music.

Suddenly we felt like Edina and Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous ~ all dressed up and nowhere to go.

Guess Friday nights are over for us… c’est la vie (sigh!)

Joan Yap





6 thoughts on “Friday Night

    1. Thanks for pointing this out but it isn’t a typo. It’s one of the irregularities of the English language and it’s debatable. The words “used to” denote something that we did regularly in the past. It’s an auxiliary verb. But I’m not expert and if there are any English professors out there, please help.

  1. … and the days go by like minutes,
    the years keep rushing by …..
    whatever happened to saturday nights ….

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