Spanishing in Valladolid

Spain seems to be the place of challenges for me, like the crazy walk to Santiago and the insane climb up the Peaks of Europe with no idea what I was in for. And now – trying to learn Spanish.

We’ve been told that we need to keep learning, such as picking up a new language but I must admit I may have gone a bit too far to keep the grey matter working this time. * Better use it or lose it.


So here I am, a student in the Language Centre of Universidad de Valladolid, one of the oldest operational universities in the world. Despite its medieval past, there was little antiquity in the 21st century campus where my classes are held. Still, people in Valladolid are very proud of their city and for good reasons.


It was the matrimonial city of Queen Isabella who was better known to have financed Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the Americas, thus establishing Spain as the first global power for over 100 years. Here was also the place where Columbus died and where the most renowned Spanish authors Francisco Quevedo and Miguel Cervantes lived and worked.

All these and more were explained during a tour to the new batch of language students, almost all of them are one generation younger than me as you can imagine. Often during the tour, I wonder if I have to do any baby-sitting when the course picks up.

Or perhaps the other way around. These kids have already done at least one year of Spanish in their respective countries and are in the advanced stage. By the way, we had to take a level test and I can’t believe the rubbish I wrote. Must have given the tester a bad day with the blatant massacre of his mother tongue.


But in the true adventurer’s spirit, I will be undeterred. This is just another road to walk, another mountain to climb…with no idea what I was in for but I’m sure something will be accomplished in the end.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy Valladolid and its charm.




2 thoughts on “Spanishing in Valladolid

  1. I would be interested in reading about your experience as a language student there – the boring facts as well as the funny parts (as I am sure there are both). I have sometimes thought about taking a couple of weeks to improve my own Spanish. But my Spanish is quite functional, so something else always takes priority.

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