Spanishing in Valladolid – Week 2 DESCUBRIR


Spain celebrated her national holiday Fiesta Nacional de España on 12 October – the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s first arrival in the Americas, the discovery of the New World and the spread of the Spanish empire. Six centuries later, this day went by rather placidly, if not insignificantly.

So I had a free day mid-week to catch up with new Spanish expressions and confusions. The teacher has stopped speaking English and hablaba sólo en español. Hope I get the grammar right.

The part of español that drives many beginners crazy must be verb conjugations or derivations. The regular verbs take a bit of getting used to but they are manageable until the irregulars come along.

Example of regular verb – hablar (to talk)
In English : I talk, you talk, he talks, she talks, we talk, you, they talk.
In Spanish : yo hablo (I talk); tú hablas, (you (singular) talk); él/ella habla (he/she talks); nosotros hablamos (we talk); vosotros habláis (you (plural) talk); ellos hablan (they talk)

Example of irregular verb – ir (to go)
In English : I go, you go, he goes, she goes, we go, they go.
In Spanish : yo voy (I go); tú vas, (you (singular) go); él/ella va (he/she goes);
nosotros vamos (we go); vosotros vais (you (plural) go); ellos van (they go)

We’ve not started on the tenses yet. Still at the present and I’m bracing nervously for the past to catch up on us and the future to pounce at our faces anytime soon.

Luckily our homework this weekend is to study the October tourist guide and pick up three activities of interest to present to the class next week.


And to add to the spirit of Spanish discovery, plans for Sunday include a visit to the wine growing region of Ribera del Duero where one of the best wines can be found and wine making here dates back 2,000 years ago. Also heard that the bodegas serve amazing lechazo (suckling lamb) that goes so well with the wine of the river.

Have a good weekend. Que paséis un buen fin de semana.



Ribera del Duero (Photo credit : Paladary Tomar)



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