Spanishing in Valladolid – Week 8 LA ÚLTIMA



My last week in Spain was a weird week – learning about the past and finding out how it changes the present and future.

The present has been blissful despite the many ups and downs but the past, well, it is challenging to say politely. But there’s no escape. One has to take in everything as a whole package and decide how to make the best use of time.

At least I don’t speak like Red Indians (today’s Native Americans) in old Wild West movies or Tarzan, as Spanish friends would tease me when I converse in only ‘here and now’ grammar.

Regarding the uncomfortable past, Spanish needs a new set of pronouns with a new set of conjugated past tenses. In this sense, English is easier by simply adding ‘-ed’ to change most verbs from present to past.

To add to my grief, there are two types of past tenses : Preterite (when an action took place specifically) and Imperfecto (when an action took place in general). Along with this, one needs to use frequency expressions such as – never, sometimes, almost, often, etc. Enough..not going to bore you with more Spanish grammar.

So eight weeks went by just like that. It’s been a foolhardy adventure to plunge into this course but it’s worthwhile. Will certainly come back again when the opportunity arises. I’ve learned so much about the Spanish language, people, places, customs, food and many more things about this wonderful country.

Now the most difficult part for me is to keep this link going thousands of miles away. It seems to get somewhere at first, yet along the way I felt like its getting nowhere, and now almost sure it will slip backwards being out of touch and out of sight. I know it’s going to take a great deal of  effort and self discipline. Only time will tell.

My last day in the course ended with a sweet round of farewells and Spanish hugs. I’m missing my adorable classmates and our ever-so-patient teachers. You’ve all been great. Heard the Christmas lights are already up in Plaza Mayor and soon you’ll be having the big festive celebrations in cold foggy Valladolid. Keep warm everyone. Till we meet again.



las chicas en parada de autobús no. 8


Alfredo, profesor de cultura


David, profesor de lengua


Rio Pisuerga


La niebla
La niebla; 2 grados



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